Sportsbooks Accepting Pasteandpay Deposits

Update About Pasteandpay: Pasteandpay is out of business. We don't maintain this website anymore, so we recommend this resource which has the most up to date information about using prepaid cards to bet on sports.

Shopping on the Internet comes with many advantages. On Internet, you can shop on ten different stores in just a few minutes by clicking on their websites and looking for the product that you need. Then there is the advantage of variety; on Internet, you can find different kinds of products that would be impossible to get hold of in real life. However, one big disadvantage of buying goods and services on the Internet is that payment processing may vary between different websites. Whereas one website may only accept Visa credit cards, other may only accept PayPal.

This holds true especially for online sportsbooks. Most sportsbooks accept the standard major credit cards, but it's really a hit and miss whether or not your bank will decline the transaction since many processors typically code the transaction as being gambling related.

To overcome such problems, a solution is required that can simplify payment processing, while guaranteeing security. One of the leading such solutions is, which allows you to buy or create prepaid vouchers that can be redeemed on merchant sites in lieu of goods. It is a novel and secure solution to the problem of making payments online.

This is where signing up with an online sportsbook accepting pasteandpay really has value. Instead of jumping from sportsbook to sportsbook trying to find a cashier that will successfully process your visa deposit, instead you can use pasteandpay and buy a prepaid voucher virtually eliminating the headaches associated with credit card deposits.

In the following PasteandPay review, we learn its many features, and how it can be used to fund your online sportsbook accounts in a safe and secure manner.

How PasteandPay Works

To start using Pasteandpay, you need to register yourself at as a user. Registering an account does not incur any cost, and the account is free of monthly or annual charges too. Upon registering, you can log in to your account, but you cannot do much with your account. To start buying the prepaid vouchers which can be used to deposit into your sports betting account, you need to first verify your paste and pay account. You can verify your account by registering and verifying your credit card. For this, you will need to enter your phone number as well as your credit card number into the required fields of the website.

Upon initiating this process, you will receive a One Time Password as a SMS on your phone that you have supplied to the site. You can enter this OTP into the correct field, and complete the verification process. In some cases, the site may ask you for documentation that proves your credentials or verifies your identity. In that case you may have to send them an email with the required documents as attachments.

Once you have a working account, you can proceed to buy the prepaid vouchers of pre-specified value through your account. Then you can use these vouchers to deposit into sportsbooks accepting pasteandpay or other merchants. Since the vouchers are identified by their string value, you can just copy and paste that value when you use them. This is where the name Paste and Pay comes from.

Advantages of Pasteandpay To Fund Your Sports Betting Accounts

Pasteandpay is designed to overcome some inherent disadvantages of online payment processing. Whether you use credit cards, or netbanking, it is hard to make the system of online payment secure as well as easy to use. Not to mention that getting your credit card approved for a sports betting transaction is easier said than done. However, with Pasteandpay vouchers, both are assured due to a centralized system of vouchers. Let us highlight the main advantages of voucher system:

• There are no fees associated with the service, including no annual or monthly fees, and no fees associated with each transaction. All the costs associated with a transaction or payment are borne by the merchant. This practically means you can use this service for free.

• Security that is unavailable with credit cards. Even though the vouchers created using are numerical like credit card numbers, they are not exploitable like credit card numbers are.

• With vouchers, there is an upper limit on the amount associated with each vouchers, which allows you to plan your shopping by putting a upper limit on the amount you are prepared to spend with each voucher. With credit cards, it is very easy to splurge, but not with vouchers with this service. We all know it's easy to get carried away with betting online, so this helps you bet within your means.

• Privacy is another big advantage with Pasteandpay. Unlike with credit cards, with this service you are only sharing a temporary and low-priced voucher with any third-party merchant. In case the transaction of the website is compromised, your credit card and other personal information remains safe with you. This increases your privacy.

Conclusion of this PasteandPay Ez Voucher Review

We find that this service increases the privacy and security of your online transactions, even as it decrease the effort required to complete them. You only need to enter one string to use a voucher from this service, unlike for credit cards, where you need to enter other related information to use them. So this payment service comes highly recommended to gamblers looking for an easy and efficient way to deposit into the sportsbook cashier.

Sports Betting Sites Accepting Pasteandpay Prepaid Ez Vouchers

Bookmaker Sportsbook

Bookmaker Sportsbook Accepts Pasteandpay Vouchers Bookmaker is our recommended sports betting site accepting the prepaid pasteandpay vouchers. Currently they have a time sensitive welcome bonus offer of 20% up to $2500 but it's ending soon.

In order to deposit using pasteandpay, first create an account at Bookmaker Sportsbook here. Once your account is created click on the cashier and then the pay by voucher link as illustrated in the screenshot to the left. They will take you to a special link where you can buy your prepaid voucher using either your visa or mastercard. I've had great success using this method personally and I'm sure you will too. Good luck this season, I hope we all take these sportsbooks for a ride this year. All US Players Accepted At Bookmaker.

We've recently added 2 more reputable online sportsbooks that now accept ez voucher payments for a total of 4 trusted sites. Good luck with your betting. I personally really like DSI due to the fact that they have much higher betting limits than the others, and you can withdrawal up to $40K at once.

  Sportsbook Link Bonus Offer
#1 Bookmaker Sportsbook 20% Bonus - Maximum Of $2500 (USA Accepted)
#2 Betonline Sportsbook 25% Bonus - Maximum Of $1000 (USA Accepted)
#3 Sportsbetting Sportsbook 25% Bonus - Maximum Of $1000 (USA Accepted)

We also have a section dedicated to casinos that accept pasteandpay. So if you enjoy playing casino games online, check that out for some great offers. Poker players can access a recently launched PasteandPay poker deposit guide.